Remote Controls for TV

Replacement Remote Controls for TV

February 9th, 2018

As mentioned in the Universal Remote Controls for TV article, it is very easy to find replacement remote controls for TV because the television remote controls are all made using the same principle of using infrared technology to transmit the information to the television, recieve a reponse and change the various settings that the user desires. Rather than paying top dollar for an expensively branded television remote, there are far cheaper alternatives on amazon such as the DirecTV RC64 Universal Remote Control which costs just $1.99 at time of posting. This remote will cover all of the basic functionality that any universal remote control will, and can be bought at an almost disposable price! So, if you've just broken or lost a remote control for a top-brand television then you don't need to worry about forking out money from the same manufacturer as the television set providor that you got the remote control from, because they're all compatible with eachother, exlcuding some of the more advanced features.