How To Link Clash Royale between Android and Ios

The thing with this trick is that it makes game lot more EASIER.

But not get use to it. You can only really get 2 or 3 extra wins this way.

Put that into perspective. You also only lost 3 games which was not nearly enough to grant any sort of advantage if you already have some percentage of wins. For example, if you lose 6 in a row in classic challenge hereafter battle in a grand challenge and lose the first 2 so lose 15 challenges in classic so win a grand challenge?

Loads of players are looking for a easy way to link Clash Royale from Android devices to iOS devices and contrary. Because of that, I have decided to create this small tutorial in case you are going to show you how to do that with ease. You follow nearly any single step in this tutorial on Android.

I use my iOS device to take the screenshots in this tutorial. Therefore, link with your account to both type of devices and later you can use it on all iOS and all Android devices. You can link your account just 1 time so you’d better use it wisely. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Know what, I am so sorry about that. That means you are not using the correct Apple/Google ID, that is connected with your Clash Royale account. Generally, Please Sign In with the correct one and after all try again.

No, as a rule of a thumb, buy a brand new phone and follow this tutorial. I just got a completely new phone being that my previous phone was lost. I connected to my Apple ID but I still can’t get my Clash Royale account back. Actually I don’t know the link code or how to get it if someone iOS device is broken. Actually I need to transfer my clash royale account from an iOS to Android. I’m worried because I have 2 very rare cards in my account. What can I do and will you I just bought also Kindle fire, have managed to get Clash Royale on it but also need to log into Google Play to transfer the account. Maybe if I tell them that I have lost my account buddy, Supercell will giveme a code to load it on another device.

Here are two video tutorial how to link the account on both type of devices: