How To Get Easier Opponents In Clash Royale

If you have more wins, you will have the better opponents. It is very difficult to get 12 wins in a row unless you are very good. Lose that amount plus the quantity of handicap you wish to have! Find the quantity of games you are net game positive, before you join the Grand Challenge in game. As a result, you will get a lot easier opponents than the usual. Check this out in a Classic Challenge. Start the play in the Grand Challenge whit intensions to maximize your rewards, right after you have the handicap. Nonetheless, that will cost you only 30 Gems, but you will face much weaker players.

Just practice hard, so you can win the challenges. By the way i understand if you sometime play against someone who is just far more better than you. Now please pay attention. Was I unlucky? I tried this out, I actually lost 4 classic challenges = 12 loss. This is where it starts getting intriguing. I got 12 wins in the special challenge just before the 12 losses, don’t know if that makes any difference. The three matches in grand challenge are only faced people intending to sort out the problems with Classic Challenge? My first opponent yesterday had 700+ trophies more than me. Nope, you do not get boosted. Loads of information can be found online.

You just end up wasting money playing, opponent last night was 3300+ against my 2500+ Didn’t have a chance. I reckon the developers have to fix the challenge arenas asap as in my experience it doesn’t start easy anyway. That said, costs stack up So in case you look for to use Challenges as a way to improve, appreciate it’s cheap. That is why in my previous post I made it clear that I thought this was fake. Usually, Upon further investigation, it seems that the assumption that Grand and Classic challenges are connected is incorrect. Basically, when I soon after tried a Classic Challenge I found first 4 or 5 opponents who were very easy to beat. But you can’t temporarily stop the challenge. What he’s saying is you go lose 6 matches in classic challenge and after all play grand challenge and as a rule of a thumb, find easier players.

Quite often find you get matched with unbeatable opponents.

Someone at Supercell is making big bonuses out of these new updates! I don’t really understand why Supercell can’t give a free training arena space for people to hone their skills without paying money. They will say they don’t have the ‘space’ in the game but the old training arena just had one flaw and that was the levels didn’t get any harder. To be honest I don’t think classic challenge is working properly. To be honest I just tried this and it didn’t work whatsoever. By the way, a 6 matches lost in a row. My previous run on grand challenge was 5 I went into classic challenge and lost 3 games in a row.